Lucien Review

I never imagined the protector I longed for would be a mob boss who demanded complete control.
I shouldn’t have gone to Lucien’s office.
Once I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t leave.
He commanded me to kneel.
I couldn’t help myself.
One taste, and I craved more.
Lucien vowed to protect me from his enemies…
But who’s going to protect my heart from him?

This MM Mafia Romance is the first book in The Marchesi Family series.

Edition Language:English

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    Lucien Reviews

  • Gerbera_Reads

    I really hoped to like this book more than 3 stars. It was well written, suspenseful enough and very steamy. It's hard to say if it was dark considering everyone has their own definition of dark. Was ...

  • Eli

    DNFed (80% read) Really, it seems that I'm just hurting myself at that point ; I can't seem to let go of my fantasy of a GOOD, ruthless, truly dark m-m mafia romance and I seem to always end out disap...

  • Trio

    This is one of the best performances I've heard from Michael Dean. Dean comes up with an excellent array of difference voices and accents for this varied cast of characters. He also infuses a wealth o...

  • Amanda

    This mafia romance is heavy on romance and light on the mafia biz, which might or might not appeal to some reader. Peter is the innocent boy that was unfortunately got under the radar of Lucien, the m...

  • Makhda

    I don't think this is dark enough for me. There are moments that I don't really feel anything toward Lucien. He seems so detached. But I guess it worked for Peter. *shrug*...

  • True Loveislovereview

    Peter and Lucien One look and his mind says ‘mine’ Lucien is arrogant, confident and dangerous and the head of the mafia family, where loyalty and protection is everything.Peter couldn’t be more...

  • Skirmish

    Book Reaction: 3 Stars – not exactly setting my world on fire but I liked it...

  • Taylor | LostinReadingRomance

    3 ⭐ Story 4 ⭐ Audio- Michael DeanI enjoyed this. It wasn't amazing and it wasn't bad. I thought the actual "villainous plot" was pretty anticlimactic and maybe not even necessary, but I went with ...

  • Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review. 3.75 starsThe thing I enjoy most about Silvia Violet’s stories, what keeps bringing me back to this author’s books, are the characters. Violet has a way of making characters...

  • April

    This was my first male male mafia romances. Because it was a male male, I assumed it would follow a different formula. Unfortunately, everything I read I have read before in similar books with male fe...